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Hair care is important, but...ya is getting everything done on my (seemingly endless) to-do list. Luckily for this busy New York girl there is Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo and Silken Up Dry Shampoo, which has revolutionized my hair care regimen.

 I typically wash my hair three times a week. This allows natural oils to work their magic and keep hair healthy. However, on in-between days, my roots tend to get a little greasy. Amika's Perk Up Dry Shampoo is perfect for these days. I'll usually use the Silken Up Dry Conditioner on every other day.

Since I'm gushing about my newest hair care find, I'll let you all in on a few of my other (not-so-best) kept secrets at Amika:

1. Amika Bombshell Blowout Spray: THIS. JUST. IS AMAZING! Provides tons of volume. It can be used to protect hair from damage before blow drying or can provide voluminous bounce for dry hair.

p.s. it smells AH-MAZING!

2. Amika Nourishing Hair Mask: Hydration is key, which is exactly what this provides. I usually use this every other week and leave it in for about 5 minutes. It leaves my hair luxuriously soft and shiny after!

This post was in collaboration with Amika. All opinions are my own.



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SheIn - Fashion Accessibility

Top:  SheIn

Top: SheIn

Dress:  SheIn

Dress: SheIn

Top:  SheIn

Top: SheIn

I like to mix and match outfits with both high-end and affordable pieces - it makes my outfits a toss-up and a lot of fun to put together. My current go-to for affordable pieces is SheIn, an online retailer that has a bottomless inventory of trendy heaven. Fashion should be accessible to everyone and SheIn has an incredible assortment. I'm amazed by how many styles they are able to cater to. Not only do they have elevated ruffle tops and dresses that you all know I love, they also have yeezy-esque pieces to diversify your closet.

In this post, I want to share with you all my shopping experience given that there are mixed/negative reviews about the site.

(Note: The opinions expressed in this post are my own and is not sponsored by SheIn.)

Shopping Experience: 

1. Sizing: This is sometimes tricky when ordering from SheIn, but for the most part, I have had good experiences with sizing. I typically will only stick to looser fitting tops and dresses, but even the more fitted items typically run true to size. I would definitely read some of the reviews to glean information as well.

2. Shipping Lag: Since SheIn ships as clothes become available, shipping can sometimes take up to 3 weeks. In the past, I've waited anywhere between 1-3 weeks for my SheIn haul to arrive. My suggestion would be to not order anything from SheIn if needed immediately. However, rest assured, my packages have never been lost before. 

3. Returns Timing: For the most part, I've never felt the need to return the items I've ordered from SheIn. However, when I did return SheIn pieces, it usually took longer than average. Additionally, you have the option of purchasing the return premium at the time of purchase for a free first return. Afterwards (or if you didn't purchase the premium), you'd have to pay a $5.99 handling fee. Given the affordable prices, I usually didn't think it made sense to return the items.

I hope this post is helpful for your future shopping sprees! 




Gray Ruffle Cardigan Two Ways

Cardigan:  H&M  | Black Skirt:  Lord & Taylor  | Pink Skirt: similar  here  and  here

Cardigan: H&M | Black Skirt: Lord & Taylor | Pink Skirt: similar here and here

This feminine and flirty H&M cardigan needs a special shoutout! It's a v-neck, button down cardigan with a double ruffle twist that is so easy to pair with almost anything.

I have styled it two ways here. The first way is a more dramatic glam style with a flared black skater skirt and black over-the-knee boots. I finished the look with some sparkle in the form of layered necklaces and other gold accents.

The second way is with a blush, paper bag waist skirt. I've finished off the look with a statement bag. The great thing about a neutral gray is that it pairs well. I love finding soft neutrals that reinvigorate other items in my closet. 



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